Winter family photography Fife, Scotland

family with small children on the snow

I sat down this morning to show you photos from January last year and complain about the lack of snow this year. Even before my “blog post coffee” was ready it was snowing outside!

I am back inside the house now, shivering and ready to share some photos of family photography taken in Fife in the snow (January 2018) and few tips on what to wear for your winter family photo session.

What do I recommend wearing when it’s a beautiful (but COLD) winter day?

Layers, layers and layers! It’s always more photogenic  to wear a warm jumper (with lots of layers underneath) than wearing one big puffy coat. Big coats are likely to volume to your silhouette, so unless you that’s your goal, keep away from them. Do bring your big warm coat to wear in between shots, but have enough layers to stay warm for few minutes at a time. No way you will take your coat off? Unzipping it will work wonders too!

If you like wearing colourful clothes, winter is a good time to go bright and bold. It creates this beautiful crispy contrast.

Make sure your children are warm enough and always bring snacks for little ones. They will get hungry in the cold. Spare dry shoes to wear on the way back home might be a good idea too. I also keep few small blankets in my car during the winter for my children to throw over their laps if they feel cold.

Typical family shoots might take 45-90 minutes on warmer days, but I do make an effort to finish quicker if I see your family being cold.

If you are interested in booking or discussing your family photography adventure with me, do get in touch.

PS. Fear not, red noses will be photoshopped at no extra cost.

parents huggingtwo daughters kissing mumdad holding little sonlittle boy in the snowy forest inFifemum and dad together in the forest