What to wear to your family photo shoot

toddler girl standing at her parents feet

What should we wear to our family shoot?

The question I get asked the most.

So, you are a family of four, with a dog. You want to be photographed outside while you walk, play, laugh, dance your crazy family dance, hug and kiss. What should you wear?

My answer is: Whatever the heck you want! It’s YOUR photos, on YOUR walls.

Here are further details and tips:

  1. You might want to wear something that is comfortable, that your feel good in, that you like the look of.
  2. Something suitable for the season and weather is great too.
  3. Do you want to wear matching outfits (including your dog)? go for it.
  4. Do you love Peppa pig and want it on your wall? it’s your wall, put Peppa pig t-shirt on.
  5. Do you want to laugh remembering how your stilettos were sinking in the sand of Black Sands beach? wear stilettos to the beach shoot!
  6. You want to look just like the family from Pinterest photo? wear exactly what they wore.

Here are some things that photograph well:

  1. rested and fed kids
  2. rested and fed parents
  3. on colder days, layers and jumpers photograph better than one big bulky dawn coat
  4. hair: if you have roots and you don’t like it, get it done before the shoot, don’t expect your roots to disappear (they can be retouched in post processing, but it will cost you extra). Do you love your roots? leave them alone.
  5. matt make up looks fresher than metallic or pearly make up, if you are photographed in the daylight (this would be the case with me as your photographer). Big studio lights have different rules.
  6. clothes without big logos, too many strong patterns (unless it’s your thing)
  7. typically when you are free to move you will have a more enjoyable time playing with your kids and pets, so wear something that allows you to move freely.
  8. mobile phones and wallets stuck in jeans pockets really show in photos.
  9. do you love your BIG RED SOFA? wear something red, even if it’s a scarf. It will look amazing when you hang the photograph above your couch.
  10. children who have not been made to practise smiles and “cheeses”.