The value of photographs

Here is my daughter at the age of 2y and my great-grandmother at the age of 103y. In the same room, 101 years of age apart. I am looking at these photos with tears running down my face. Zosia’s great-great-grandma has been gone for a while, but THESE PHOTOS! They’re here! I took them, I kept them safe, and will keep close to my heart forever. I will give them to Zosia one day. I will never visit this house again, the house where I got to spend weeks of summer holidays, eat fresh strawberries, run in the fields, feed chickens and chase the poor cat. I once jumped into huge stinging nettles to find the heir clip I dropped and ended up with high temperature from the stings.

Without photos all those memories would fade more and more for me, and my child would have no chance of remembering this moment at all.

When I say; one day your photos will become priceless, this is what I mean. When there is no way to go back, we pull out photos and we reconnect and relive moments with people who are now gone.

u-babci-Antoninyu-babci-Antoniny2My great-grandmother, Antonina, used to drink a very sweet tea and always left the teaspoon in her glass. She had told me one day: I had a dream. Your great-grandfather stood in the doors (right where you now see Zosia on the bottom photograph) and he said: “what are you still doing here? I am waiting for you. ” He had passed away few months after I was born, in 1979.