My goal is to create beautiful portraits that capture a child’s unique personality and provide a positive experience for children, nurseries and playgroups.

This type of children’s portraits is modern, simple, classic and timeless. Children are photographed against a white backdrop with portraits available in colour as well as black and white. I provide a comfortable, fun experience during the session that encourages children to feel at ease and let their personality shine.

Pre-school portraits are a beautiful way to remember a specific stage of life. They should be proudly displayed in our homes. Fine art portraits remove busy and distracting backgrounds and instead focus on capturing the beauty of each child. These portraits are timeless and look absolutely stunning on the wall while complementing modern design.


I work directly with nurseries and playgroups. Families are able to view their child’s portraits in a secure online gallery prior to purchasing. There is no sitting fee. Each child will have a gallery with a minimum of 3 images in colour and black & white. I respect each child’s unique personality and will never ask children to “cheese” smile.

All ordering is done online through secure galleries. Print packages as well as digital images are available for purchase.

In addition to my services, I donate 10% of profits back to the nursery or playgroup for student enrichment.

If you would like to discuss organising portraits at your playgroup or nursery, please get in touch