Maternity photography

Congratulations! There is a little heart beating under yours. You are painting nursery in dreamy colours and building a crib! During maternity photography session we will capture emotions and moments that soon will be gone. With the help of a beautiful artwork you will be able to show your child how much they were loved even before they arrived, how much they were anticipated and dreamed about by mum and dad. You will be able to take yourself back to moments of pure happiness and excitement with one look at your photographs.  You will be able to see your photos within 2 days, because I know how hard it is to wait to see them!


Maternity photography session is best arranged when your baby bump is well visible, but you still feel comfortable, often at 28-36 weeks of pregnancy.


Your home, park, beach or favourite little town make for a wonderful, special and personal backdrop for your photographs. If you have other children or pets we will find location that best suits your family.