To Mums

My dad phoned me and had a weird voice. I don’t like when he speaks like that! Then he said: mum was diagnosed with brain aneurisms, she needs urgent surgery  but it’s going to be very risky. Tears started rolling down my cheeks, I was speechless. I knew very little about brain aneurism, but it didn’t sound good.

This was 3 years ago, my mum had 3 surgeries since then, she was so brave and calm throughout this , and she is doing great today.

During her surgeries I kept thinking, will I see her again? Please God let me see her again, make her survive.  And I was also thinking, I don’t have a single photo with my mum. just two of us. I so want to have one! and you know what, it’s been 1.5 years since the last surgery, and I still don’t have a photo with my mum or one of just her. This makes me really sad. I will have us photographed in June when we are back home for a while. I will make this a priority this time. I will make my mum be in this photo with me, for me.

What I do have is this photograph from 3 years ago and I love it. It’s me holding 3 months old Zosia, my mum and my grandma. I will repeat this again this year. 4 generations of women in my family.wrzesien 2010 babeczki


You often say: but I need to loose  10 pounds first, I have wrinkles, I have nothing to wear.

I get it! I have 10 pounds on me that I don’t need. I have wrinkles and dark circles under eyes from not sleeping through the nights for months, my pre-baby clothes don’t fit me any more and I don’t get many chances to go shopping. And I don’t think I am photogenic, I don’t like having my photos taken. But these are not the reasons to leave my children without a family photo. Without a photo with their mum. I also believe that my kids don’t love me less because I am now size 14 and have some gray hair. Every day is a gift, and we don’t know how many we have left.

This is why I do get photographed with my kids, and I make family albums every year. Because I want them to have it when they are 5, 15 or 50 years old.

You need to be in photographs for your children! Both you and your children deserve this! 

When having professional photographs taken you get help to look your best. Your weight or age is the least interesting thing about you, so don’t look for excuses. Do exist in photographs for your children! One day it will be their most treasured possession.

March is all about women. 8th of March is the International Women’s Day, and March the 30th is the Mother’s Day. Celebrate being a woman!


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