8 Silly things I did as a tired mum

If you are a mum, you are so going to get me here. If you are not, don’t read or you’ll think I’m crazy.

As a mum I get tired, past tired stage actually, often. But we, mums, don’t get a break, keep just keep going. And then we do things that need remembering! Have you done anything crazy because you were tired? share in comments! You will feel understood:)

  1. I was in the kitchen making tea and getting a piece of dark chocolate. Chocolate went into my cup, tea bag into my mouth.
  2. I was changing a nappy, took the wet one off, got the fresh one out, put the wet one back on, put the fresh one in the bin.
  3. I went to buy ice-cream, got two small cups. I was in the shop with screaming toddler and impatient big school girl. One ice cream went missing. I swear I went back  downstairs to check the car, didn’t discover ice-cream. I found it few days later in the back pocket of the buggy. Kind of melted and leaking its’ vanilla goodness.
  4. I walked out the door with my toddler shoeless. Twice.
  5. I asked my husband to put our girl in the bath. He did: dress and tights on. Just as she was standing.
  6. I regularly try to open nursery gate with my car keys.
  7. I lost my car in the Tesco car park. It took some clicking to see the lights of the opening car.
  8. If I’m out without kids, I am constantly terrified and looking around wondering where I lost them.

Let me know in comments that I’m not the only one please 🙂