The things I love about newborn photography

family with two kids sitting on the bedWhere do I even begin?

No matter if it’s the firstborn or the 5th child in the family, having a newborn brings a big change. I feel utterly honoured every time I am invited to photograph a family with a newborn baby. I am allowed to be a part of  the tribe that welcomes new human to the world. How special is that? Over the years I have discovered what makes the newborn photography session so special to me:

  1. The home that a newborn is brought to is different. It seems more quiet, time runs slower (but days somehow disappear faster for mum and dad), everything seems softer and warmer. I adore spending couple of hours in new baby’s home.
  2. How short that period is, which makes it so wonderful and precious. First few weeks of baby’s life go by quickly, in a fog of euphoria and exhaustion. It’s like Christmas, full on and before you know it’s over.
  3. I absolutely love meeting new mums, hearing their stories and sharing mine, connecting over this universal and primal part of our lives.
  4. Newborn’s feet! If you had a newborn photography session with me, you had your newborn’s feet in the gallery. I adore those impossibly tiny toes. They are like little works of art and so hold so much promise for the future. First steps, first kick of the ball, first walk to the shops on their own. Oh, The Places You’ll Go…

You can find information on newborn photography at home just HERE.

feet of twins in mum's hands

baby in mums arms