Baby Ollie

Those early days of new baby’s life are the most amazing for the parents. They are also too crazy/ busy/tired/emotional to be remembered. This is where photographs can help. Capturing your new bundle of joy will bring only the best memories in the future. You won’t forget how it felt to hold a baby that fitted in your hands.

Newborn photos are best taken when the new baby is between 5-14 days new. There is a very good reason to that. Younger baby might be still unsettled and needs quiet relaxing time to recover from birth.

Babies older than 14 days are more likely to have baby acne. They are also more alert and are less likely to sleep during newborn photos being taken. Those older babies usually aren’t comfortable in the womb-like poses that are my clients’ favourites.

It is best idea to book newborn photos when mum is still pregnant and before life get’s too busy. Leaving this task to the very last moment can be stressful to organise and your favourite photographer might not have a free time.

All photographs were taken in clients’ home using window light.

newborn photos in Dunfermline in basketnewborn photos Dunfermline full length

newborn photos Dunfermline white blanket

Your newborn photos Dunfermline  are scheduled 5-14 days after birth, and the newborn photography session generally lasts two to four hours. Karolina arrives at your home with everything needed to photograph your newborn baby.