Newborn photography at your home

Can you imagine this family packing for a newborn shoot in a studio located 20 minutes drive from home? with twins?

I LOVED being a new mum

(maybe not the 3 months of colicky crying with my daughter and silent reflux of my son) but you know what I mean. I could spend hours sitting and looking at my new babies sleeping, I loved stroking their tiny feet and breathing their newborn scent in. What I didn’t like was leaving the house. Packing, getting ready, making sure everything was in the bag and being on time. Even thinking about this makes me anxious!

I like the feeling that things are flowing, they are what they are and all is good.

That’s the main reason I come to your home with my camera. I want to make your life easier, not harder.  Home where the new baby was brought to smells different, feels different, looks different. Everything is slower, calmer and quieter (unless you have a toddler or a jealous dog). Everything you need is at hand’s reach and you have a wardrobe full of clothes to change if your new sweet baby disposes their excess of milk on you.

My time with you isn’t limited to 60 minutes. Your baby is the boss and we follow his or her lead. In your home you are the new parent with your huge mix of emotions and I am the friend with a camera capturing all the little things you will so appreciate later (as soon as the fog of early motherhood days lifts). I have been there.

Imagine coming to a photography studio with twins and two dogs?! right?! so easy and natural to do at home.

view from the topp of family with newborns and two dogs

dad sitting and looking at his newborn son

beautiful mum holding her newborn baby black and white imagebrown spaniel on the sofa with family behindIf you are expecting a new baby (CONGRATULATIONS!) you can read more about a newborn shoot just HERE