Mum of this little boy contacted me last minute to book a shoot. We were lucky as I had a free day in my calendar, but it’s not always this way, so best to book newborn session during the later stages of pregnancy.

I try to make those session as hassle free as possible, I was lucky to have a newborn in my own life twice and I understand that everything is upside down in lives of new parents on those early days.

I come to baby’s house with the studio set up, props, blankets and big dose of patience. I fully expect to be peed and pooped on (hence spare clothes in the bag).

I capture all those little things that won’t last beyond first few weeks of baby’s life. They change too fast and being new (and tired) parent doesn’t help memorising everything.

Below you will see Lumi tiles and gift prints. It’s not all about digital files

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