My Grandparents

I lost my Grandparents last month.

Both age 92, married to each other for nearly 72 years. My Grandma left us on Monday at 9am and my Grandpa followed on Wednesday just after midnight. He didn’t even last 2 days without her.

They were buried together and I couldn’t be there because of what is happening in the world.

My Grandparents were my happy place, my source of love. My happiest memories are linked to them: my 7th birthday party in their house, learning to ride my small green bike in front of their house, helping to pick fruit in the summer, feed chickens, turn hay, the nighttime story about a princess and her 12 brothers turned into swans by the evil Stepmother.

We used to run around the house with my cousins on warm summer evenings screaming for no reason, each with a big piece of homemade smoked sausage in hand as a supper.

There are also some vivd but not so happy memories: mad bees buzzing into my ear when caught in my hair, which came from my Grandpa’s beehives, being stung by a wasp on my finger as I was picking plums, an evil rooster attacking me and scratching my back.

I had my Grandparents in my life for 40 years and it wasn’t enough, but it was never going to be. I woke up with a panic in my head this morning realising I never asked about their favourite Christmas or what the Christmas was like for them during WWII. They lived through so much and I know so little and now it’s all lost, no one to answer my questions.

But I have photos, and they matter more than ever.

Earlier this year there was this photograph in my head that demanded to be created. I dreamt about it, I thought about it, I was panicking that you know what* was gonna stop me from visiting my Grandparents this year. But I got to see them and take the photo.

And there will be no more photos of my beloved Grandparents, but those I have are my treasure. These photos matter.

If you are blessed to have your Grandparents or parents still in your life, do invite them to be a part of your next photo shoot. You will never regret this, I promise.


*apparently Google and friends have become sensitive to content that contains the name of the you know what 19