Exist in photographs for your children

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EVERY child deserves a beautiful photograph with their mum. Even if  YOU, the mum, feel like you absolutely have to loose 10 pounds first, do not wait! Trust me, your child doesn’t love you any less because your current diet isn’t working.

Few years ago I thought I was about to loose my mum. It came so suddenly, and I was hundreds of miles away from her, and didn’t even have a photo of us together that could warm my heart in this difficult time. You know what, my mum is fine now, and I am still kicking myself for not having the photo with her. There are too many excuses every time I see her. Please don’t be like me.

Whether you are the mum of a newborn, baby or 2 school kids, or a daughter, please DO EXIST IN PHOTOGRAPHS for those who love you most.


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