children’s portraits Edinburgh

Photographs below of the two little girls were created by me, children’s portraits Edinburgh.

For children having their beautiful portraits on the walls is about their worthiness, being seen and heard. It’s much more than pretty wall decor. It’s a proof that they are good enough to be part of the family, it’s a proof that parent’s are proud of them. It’s a big deal!

We listen carefully about what your children are like, what they love and what they fear. Does your daughter lacks confidence? We will find a way to photograph her confident so she can have a reminder of this on her wall. It is a life changing experience.

I had a great pleasure of photographing these two young ladies few days ago.  One of them wasn’t happy with my clothing ideas ( ” I just don’t know how she’s going to make me look beautiful when I’m wearing THIS” -about black t-shirt and a pair of jeans). But she obliged anyway and I am so grateful to her.

We went with two very different set ups, very easy for little girls and they have done an amazing job and had a lot of fun!

little girl in floral dresstwo little sisters in floral dresseschildren's portraits Edinburgh portrait of two little girls on blackchildren's portraits Edinburgh portrait of little girl on blackchildren's portraits Edinburgh portrait of little girl on black

Would You love to have beautiful portraits of your children before they grow up and move out to conquer the World? 
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