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beautiful mum kissing her newborn

My journey as an artist is a long one.

There has been a time when I arrived to in home newborn sessions with a car so loaded with stuff I could hardly shut the door. Giant bean bag, baskets, bags full of blankets, cute little hats, newborn size jeans. I even had a newborn sized crown! It took some time for me to look in and face the fact that I didn’t like all this stuff. I am a minimalist and always have been and lots of stuff was weighing me down and taking some joy out of my beloved newborn shoots. It was out of line with who I am and why I photograph families.

I was learning from the best in industry, following trends and ignoring my own discomfort, because what did I know.

Baby led posing

Now I don’t own a bean bag any more, I gave away all my props to a local photographer and I practise “baby led posing”. I don’t force babies into unnatural poses, I don’t place them into buckets or flower pots. I put them in mum’s or dad’s arms in the best available light. I do place babies on the bed or a sofa for portraits, but they are allowed to be as they are. And they all are nothing short of perfect.

The reasons why I don’t pose newborns

  1. I  believe babies belong in parents’ arms, not in a bucket or on a bean bag. Newborns need to feel safe, loved and being in mum’s or dad’s arms delivers all of that.
  2. I never felt like major posing was safe for babies. Sure they are flexible, but I don’t think that is a reason good enough to force them into unnatural positions.
  3. Perfectly stretched blankets and super smooth skins are not part of a real life. Mum holding her newborn and breathing in this perfect baby scent is very real. I want “my” mums to remember what it was like to hold that tiny baby, not how perfectly stretched the blanket was.
  4. I now come to my newborn shoots with no expectations. I refuse to get stressed or cause a stress to new parents who are already tired and stressed enough. Baby rules, we follow, everyone is happy.

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newborn baby on a fluffy blanket

family with two kids sitting on the bed

side profile of a newborn