5 Facts about newborn photos by Dunfermline newborn photographer

As a Dunfermline newborn photographer with a lot of experience (and limitless patience) I see parents miss having photographs taken of their baby’s. Often the baby and the business of life with newborn comes unexpected. Read below how to be prepared to organise professional newborn photography session. Because in the first few days of their life they fit into your hands. And then before you know, they grow taller than you. It’s so easy to forget what they were like at first.



5 facts about newborn photos by Dunfermline newborn photographer

  1. Book before your baby arrives! You will be too busy when your baby is finally here. Your due date will be pencilled in the diary and exact date will be arranged when you bring your new baby home.
  2. Newborn session should take place before your baby is 4 weeks old, when he/she is still sleepy and likes being in womb-like poses.
  3. It’s most convenient to have your newborn photographed (especially if there are older siblings) in your home. We bring everything needed to take photographs, and NO, you don’t need to have a huge and tidy house. We will find the beautiful light and we can also move things if needed.
  4. Your newborn will only be this tiny for 2-3 weeks during which you will be tired and (if it’s your first baby) a little shocked about changes they bring. Photos from this period will be a real treasure later in your and your baby’s life.
  5. You will be able to announce the arrival of your new family member to the world with a beautiful photographs.