4 favourite locations for family photos

There isn’t a one location perfect for every family at every occasion. When I discuss best place for family photos with my clients, we look for one that will help them feel comfortable, because comfortable photographs very well!

To create your amazing family photos we can go exploring new places or visit somewhere you already love. Below are some location ideas for your next family shoot.

1. There is no place like home.

dad playing with his son on a bed on a sunny day

Your home creates unique, special and safe place for your family photos. It’s a perfect environment for families who like more intimate location. You can kick your shoes off, let your kids jump on the bed, you can bake something together, read your favourite stories and have a coffee in your favourite cup in your own kitchen or garden. It might seem like we are photographing mundane, but photos of this kind will have huge sentimental value and you will never regret having them.

Limitations: if you hate your home decor and can’t wait to redecorate, or you have very little natural light in your home, then it might be better to get outside (unless we are photographing your new baby, then we will make it work no matter what).

2. Beach

little boy running on the beach

I always loved sea but when I was growing up in Poland we lived 350 miles from the sea. Then I moved to Oxford and it was still a long drive to listen to the waves crashing, but when I met my husband and moved to Scotland I couldn’t believe I was able to be on the beach every single day! We are so lucky to have access to some incredible beaches: sandy and rocky.

Beach shoot is not for everyone, but if you don’t mind sand in your shoes, love having fun near the water and you can schedule your shoot in the early morning or in the evening, then let’s head to the beach. Colours are amazing especially if we stick to the soft light of early morning and evening, there is always something to do for your family and if you bring your dog too, your pet is gonna love you forever.

Limitations: in some cases we need to plan not only for light but also according to tide table. Some of our beaches disappear at high tide.

3. Forest

family with a spaniel in the forest

Let’s go looking for fairies, playing hide and seek and climbing tree stomps! Family photography sessions in the forest are very much like a fun family walk with me and some paths are buggy friendly. If you love nature, forest shoot might be for you.

Limitations: there aren’t many! The background in the forest shoot is busier than in the field or beach, but this is only a matter of taste. I love both!

4. Field

mum with son sitting on the dry grassBig open spaces are beautiful and without much going on around, the focus will stay on your family. It’s that easy to find a field with easy access, but I do have few nice spots and I am always open to your ideas.

Limitations: Like on the beach, there is typically nowhere to hide from very bright sunshine, so let’s meet there an hour before sunset or earlier in the morning.

We also have countless parks, country parks, lochs. It all depends on how far you are willing to drive and what you are looking for in your family photos. I can help you navigate through all this.

If you have some spare time, check out the family shoot portfolio and family shoot info.