Dear Daughter project

Dear Daughter, you are the only you there is. Your job isn’t to change, be like the celebrity you admire. Your job is to be as you as you can be. You are more than enough.

We use photography to create unforgettable experience which carries a message that who your daughter is, is just right. It’s never too early or too late to start telling your daughter that she doesn’t need to change in order to belong. It’s never too early to teach your little girl to be strong and believe in herself, and to not look for acceptance for wrong reasons.

Dear Daughter Project offers photographic session that isn’t just about pretty pictures. It’s about giving your daughter the attention that every human being craves. It’s about showing her how beautiful she is inside and out. It’s about creating an album filled with amazing photographs and beautiful messages that will travel with your daughter through her life. It will be there in her hand whether you are close or not, to remind her how strong she is, how loved she is, how beautiful and capable she is. Can you even imagine the power this will have ?

We start Dear Daughter session by going deeper into your daughter’s world: what you love most about her, what are you most worried about, what does she really need to remember.

The photographic session will be all about her. Even when we photograph your daughter with her siblings and her family (or even best friend is she wants to) it’s going to be about HER. During the shoot we will be working to reinforce the message you have for you daughter and to photograph her strengths. As a result we will have 20 photographs which will show your daughter her beauty, strength and uniqueness combined with empowering messages that boost her confidence for life.

When is a good time for Dear Daughter Session?

The only answer is NOW.  The Dear Daughter Project was created from our own worries and fears. Are we doing it all right? No parent is perfect and we all want our daughters to value themselves and know that they don’t need to change to be loved, ever. The earlier the better!

Good cause

We will donate 5% of profit from Dear Daughter Project orders to charity of your choice (we love Bernardo’s because they believe in children, just like we do).