professional photographer Scotland

Every night before going to bed I check on my children. I look at the two of them peacefully sleeping and I always think: you are so perfect, I love you more than you will ever know.

I am Karolina. I’m a mama and a lifestyle family photographer with a huge passion for helping other mamas exist beautifully in photos.

I photograph my children because I want to remember all those sweet little things they do. I also GET PHOTOGRAPHED with my children because I want them to remember me from their early years. In 10, 20 or 30 years I want them to look at photos and see the love in my eyes and how much I adored them.

My favourite photos are not those where we stare at the camera but those where we are connected to each other. I look at them and feel what I had felt when the photo was taken. Not the pressure of everyone looking at the lens with the perfect smile, but the freedom, the love, the gratitude.

I feel very passionate about mamas EXISTING BEAUTIFULLY IN PHOTOS. Too many of us hide from the camera believing that we are not photogenic because we often don’t own many photos we are happy with. We all want to feel beautiful and there is nothing vain about it. I use my years of experience in posing, knowledge of light and amazing lenses to make mamas look their best in photos. I have two photos with my mum from my childhood. TWO. My mum believed she wasn’t photogenic so she would always hide from the camera. This makes me really sad and I don’t want this for me, you or our children.

I adore babies, bellies that grow them, children with their pure way of seeing the world. Family is something that needs to be celebrated and preserved in photographs, as it doesn’t always last forever.

I am based in Dalgety Bay, Fife in Scotland and I would be honoured to be your family photographer.